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Sengakuji  Residence

Completion: 2014

Location: Tokyo

Function: Residence (Concrete structure condominium renovation)

This project is a condominium renovation that includes a television and storage cabinet as the main focal point for the living room. A large screen television is concealed by two sliding panels, with illuminated glass display shelves on both sides. The sliding panels in the center, covered with Japanese washi paper depicting silvery undulating waves, act a decorative screens that harmonize with the client’s extensive collection of Asian art and furniture.

As the living room floor consists of a combination of rosewood and beige marble floor, light oak was chosen for the cabinet to keep the feeling of the room warm and casual. In order to combine the cabinet with the overall design of the living room, the wood trim extended around the corner as a framing element, and incorporated the bathroom door as well. By emphasizing the wood grain of the solid oak by linear engraving, subtle combinations of horizontal and vertical movement within the overall cabinet composition were possible.

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