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Hiroo H Residence

Completion: 2013

Location: Tokyo

Function: Residence (Condominium renovation)

Area: 103m2

This is a renovation project for a condominium residence located in Central Tokyo. As client has an appreciation for her lifestyle while living abroad, the request was to create within the existing typical Japanese apartment a New York "Pre- War apartment" feel. While trying to introduce "classic" elements within the design we also wanted to keep the atmosphere casual and easy to use. Emphasizing the arrangement of rooms though symmetrical axes helped to convey the "classic" appeal of western apartments. Furthermore, generously sized baseboards and door frames helped to distinguish the style of the home from the typical Japanese apartment. White baseboards created sharp contrast with the dark herringbone flooring, and different color accents of paint or tile helped to punctuate a feeling of discovery as one enters each room.



Location: 東京都

Function: 住宅(マンション住戸改修)

Area: 103m2




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