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December 2019

A book which I co-authored.”What is Esquisse?" has finally been published! For several years, together with two colleagues of mine from Kogakuin University, we have been putting together a guide for architectural students on how to approach the design process. It is full of diagrams and sketches that help students to visualize design issues such as scale or program. For my colleagues here in Japan teaching architecture, I hope you might find this useful!


August 2019

Temple Univesity Japan Campus New Building Open

July 2018

Interview with Stephen Wade of the Associate Press

Tokyo's 1964 Olympics echo through the city's 2020 games

December 2016

Midorino K Residence has been published in ECO LIVING JAPAN. 

April 2014

"MINI STEP HOUSE" featured in






NHK "Journeys in Japan" Television Appearances

(You can also see many of the NHK appearances on the AIA Japan website.)

December 27, 2022

Kumamoto: Castle Town Loves Its Past with Eye on the Future



May 31, 2022

Eternally Radiant Himeji Castle



August 3, 2021 

Lifting the Spirit through Architecture Nikko Okinawa Osaka


June 21, 2021

Eye on Nagoya: A City's Identity through Architecture



September 20, 2020

KAGAWA: Treasure House of Modernist Architecture



December 10, 2019

Osaka: The Architecture of a Vibrant Metropolis


March 19, 2019

Okinawa: Architecture of History and Tradition

July 3, 2018

Nikko: Contemplating its Architectural Jewels

January 9, 2018

Traces of History: Exploring Around Hiroshima


February 11, 2014

A Passion for Mechanical Magic - Aichi


October 16 2012

Craftsmanship close to nature - Asahikawa

artscape Japan Architectural Exhibition Reviews

December 2022

Architects Questioning Architecture- TOTO Gallery Ma Asks -How Is Life-


October 2022

Ueno Park: A Showcase of Modern Architectural Masterpieces

July 2022

Farewell to the Nakagin Capsule Tower: A Brief but Exquisite Glimpse into a Metabolist Future


April 2022

Takamasa Yosizaka: Redefining Architecture at All Scales


December 2021

The Architecture of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA: Challenging Boundaries between Building and Context

October 2021

Kenzo Tange: Architect of a New Modern Era in Japan


July 2021

Verdant Escapes from the Urban Bustle: A Look at the Rooftop Gardens of Tokyo


April 2021

Crossing Paths: A Collaborative Exploration between Writer and Architect


December 2020

Yokohama Legacy: A City Pays Tribute to Two Visionary Architects


October 2020

Connection to the Earth: A New Art Space Envisioned by Architect Kengo Kuma

July 2020

Omotesando: Tokyo's Architectural Catwalk


April 2020

The Former Kusuo Yasuda Residence: A Historic Tokyo Home of Understated Elegance  

December 2019

The Pioneering Spirit of Tetsuro Yoshida: Leading an Era of Change in Japanese Architecture


October 2019

A View on Structure: Highlighting the Critical Role of Structural Engineers in Japan's Iconic Buildings

July 2019

Understanding the Design of Architect Tadao Ando: A Reading of his Early Drawings

April 2019

Kenkichi Yoshida: A Designer and Scholar Connecting Art and Life

December 2018

The Architecture of Tsuyoshi Tane: Searching for the Future by Digging into the Past


October 2018

Conveying the Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship: Meiji-Era Furniture Exported Overseas

July 2018

Discovering Timelessness: Tracing the History of Japanese Architecture

April 2018

Materials, Methods, and Geometries: 30 Years of Creative Exploration by Architect Kengo Kuma

February 2018

Understanding the Timeless Art of Decoration

November 2017

Tadao Ando: An Architect's Search for New Discoveries

August 2017

Exploring a Treasure Trove of Architectural Models at the Archi-Depot Museum

May 2017

Architect Shigeru Ban: Investigating Material, Discovering New Potential

February 2017

Masato Otaka and his Philosophy of PAU

November 2016

Exploring Inside Torafu Architects' Space of Creation

August 2016

DOBOKU- An Artful View into the World of Civil Engineering

May 2016

The "Moving Materials" of Hiroshi Sambuichi's Architecture: Wind, Water, and Sun

February 2016

Rediscovering a Modern Master of Japanese Architecture: Takamasa Yosizaka

August 2015

Uncovering the "Living Skills" of Kanazawa Machiya: An Exhibition of Craftsman Techniques at LIXIL Gallery

April 2015

An Exhibition that Measures Up: Learning About the Science of Measurement at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

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