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Completion: 2013.06

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Function: Office

Area: 165m2

Construction: TOWNHOUSE CO LTD.

As an IT office specializing in broadcasting sports media over the internet, PERFORM wished for a dynamic space that conveyed the same feeling of movement and activity. While using natural wood paneling and neutral gray carpets and textiles as the base materials, we animated the space by using their very bold corporate colors of cyan, clay red, and grass green. The meeting room is enclosed by glass to maintain spaciousness, and in the center of the office is a lounge providing ample seating for impromptu meetings.


竣工年: 2013

所在地: 東京港区

用途: 事務所

床面積: 165㎡

施工:  タウンハウス株式会社


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