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Nakameguro House

Completion: 2011

Function: Single Family House

Location: Tokyo, Meguro-ku

Floor Area: 148㎡

This is a wood frame house in a quiet but dense residential area of Tokyo. There are two types of facades: a beige stucco wall with small window apertures wrap around it to as a privacy barrier, whereas the south facing corner opens up with fenestration varying in size and clad wood siding siding. The playful geometric design of the wood siding expresses the flexible openness of the various windows, which is modern yet traditional in its use of board and batten siding. The living room opens up to the corner terrace, and it is also connected to the childrens' space above via an open void, facilitating communication among the family members to make a lively home.



所在地: 東京都目黒区

用途: 専用住宅

床面積: 148㎡


photos: Naoomi Kurozumi

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