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Okamoto Residence

Completion: 2012

Location: Tokyo

Function: Single Family Home

Area: 450m2

Although located in the densely populated Tokyo suburbs, this house is located at the base of a wooded hill nestled within a small forest. Because of the special nature of this site, the house was able to especially open to the outside without compromising the privacy of the owner. All of the spaces of the house were meant to be open and airy, connecting to the outside via expansive windows, and zoning of the different rooms was achieved by subtle floor height differences instead of harsh wall divisions. The bedrooms above radiate around the central living space, allowing for the family to remain connected throughout the whole house. The materials of the house were sharply contrasting white walls and pink granite, creating a play and rhythm between the materials that reflects the nature of connection between each room.



所在地: 東京都

用途: 専用住宅

床面積: 450㎡


photos: Naoomi Kurozumi

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