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Tokyo Union Church Fellowship Hall

Completion: 2017

Location: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Function: Fellowship Hall for church community

Area: 500m2

Project Concept:

A house is simply a building, but a home is a symbol of family and belonging. Tokyo Union Church is a community of great diversity, a rich tapestry of interwoven threads, made stronger through mutual support. The goal of designing a new Fellowship Hall will be to highlight this great asset of diversity, and to serve the variety of interests and activities of its members.

Originally the Fellowship Hall was mainly used as a single space, with usage of the Library and Corner Meeting room as separate spaces. The new design will opened up the Fellowship Hall in order to show a wider range of activities. Connected to the Hall will be meeting spaces, activity spaces, and a coffee corner to gather. These new spaces will not only allow these functions, but will be a visual symbol of the diversity of Tokyo Union Church.

Concept Image

Program & Objectives included a refurbished Fellowship Hall for gathering, three Meeting Rooms, and an Activity Room for children's group activities made possible by movable partitions. The library was replaced by a Coffee Corner to make a new community gathering place and increase the feeling of being at home.

Overall Plan

Section through Meeting Room, Fellowship Hall, and Coffee Corner

View of Coffee Corner

View of storage cabinet for activity corner

Overall View of Fellowship Hall

Overall View of Fellowship Hall

View of Coffee Corner

View of Coffee Corner

View of Meeting Room

Image during construction:

Photo of Fellowship Hall before renovation:

Photos by Daiki Sasaki

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