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Kamakura O Residence

Completion: 2021

Location: Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

Construction: Guesthouse Inc.

Landscape: Daikoen Inc.

Function: Single Family Residence

Area: 137m2

This is a two-story wooden structure house located in a small wooded valley in the city of Kamakura. Care was taken to harmonize with the traditional atmosphere of the established neighborhood by vertical wooden siding and earth toned stucco façade materials. Generous eaves accentuate the traditional roof form while providing rain and sun protection, and an ample second floor balcony takes in green views of the facing mountain. The loft ceiling of the second floor highlights the wooden structural system, and connection from room to room is allowed through glass transom windows over each doorway and fusuma openings.

photos: Naoomi Kurozumi


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