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A meeting with GAKKO

Last month I had the great opportunity to meet with the leaders of GAKKO, which is a summer camp program here in Japan. Catapulted along by the extraordinary energy of recent Yale graduates Kenta Koga and Rafi Khan, GAKKO is structured by bringing together enthusiastic university students as instructors to be the senpai of the high school participants from Japan and beyond. Kenta and Rafi have tailored this program to concentrate on building the students' creative confidence, and by looking at the photos online I believe they have succeeded! You can read more about GAKKO here:

Best of luck to Kenta, Rafi, and the GAKKO team, hoping this program continues and grows for many years!


Later on we took a great tour together of Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and Omotesando.


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