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A Wedding in Dhaka

Well it has only been our first night and this trip to Dhaka has already come up with some surprises! Before going out to dinner my colleague asked a hotel employee at the front desk if he could recommend a nice restaurant. It turns out that the gentleman we asked was actually the hotel owner, and instead of suggesting a restaurant he said we should join the wedding banquet of one of the hotel staff. So we piled into the hotel van with lots of other staff, and ended up having a wonderful evening with some very kind and gracious people. Goodness I didn't expect to be included in the wedding photo. ; )

Bride and Groom front and center.

Getting ready to eat.

Hotel owner Mr. Islam sitting to the left.

Suzuki-san relished being able to eat by hand...

This fellow would not let me refuse my 4th helping of beef curry.

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